Short meet write up from this weekend

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Short meet write up from this weekend

Brief meet write up and congratulations

     I went to help handle some guys at an APF Meet this weekend.  Everyone had a good day and stayed injury free.  One guy had never done a meet so he was all jacked up all day.  He had a good day hitting just over 500 on his squat, 407 on the bench, and I think 507 on the deadlift.  Good numbers to set a comparison mark for training for his next meet for sure.  He had the help of a guy that has been in the sport for a good amount of time.  It is invaluable to have someone with experience helping you at your first few meets.  So many things can happen (or not happen) if you don’t plan your warm ups and attempts well. 

     The next guy (Keith) had a good meet and probably left at least 50 lbs on the platform.  He hit a 699 squat (I am going to mess with him about that one pound shy of 700), 483 (?) on the bench which it looked like he had another 20 lbs in him.  The deadlift is a good event for him.  I think he actually pulled his last attempt 705 faster than he thought and the bar whip caught up to him about half way up and pulled him forward. 

     Chris was the main one I was there to help and he had a good meet as well.  I wrote him an 8 week ass whoopen training cycle that he stuck to pretty closely.  It paid off with a 705 third attempt squat (99 lb meet PR), 429 lb slow grinder bench for a 60 lb PR I think (second longest rep of the day), and a 639 deadlift.  He had about another 30 lbs in him I thought, but he wanted to give the big 705 a run.  Big jumps on the deadlift are hard to do on third attempts after you are worn out from the day. 

It was a solid day for all three of them and they were well supported by 4 guys from the gym (including Red light Mike as a judge), and yes, he was red lighting the shit out of everyone as usual.  I always say if you get a white light from Mike you earned it. 

We were done by 3:30 and back in Columbia around 5, and drinking a beer by 7:00.  I stuck to my diet pretty well over the weekend with the main indulgence being a few beers at Random Tap.  Not perfect, but it didn’t wreck my Monday weigh in (285). 


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