Say it Ain't So...

Say it Ain't So...

I got the Old Man Disease...

     Well I have not been training much at all the past two weeks because my foot has been trying to fall off.  More specifically my left big toe.  I thought I had banged it up testing out some new product, but come to find out I am lucky enough to have….GOUT!  Yep, I have the old man toe disease.  I remember my dad having it when I was a kid and it laid him up for days at a time, so I was thankful I was still able to walk (albeit very slowly at times).  I really am not in love with the idea of having to take medication for the rest of my life to avoid flare ups, so the goal is to make some dietary changes to keep it at bay.  I am supposed to get blood work done in another 3 months to see how the medicine is doing. I do not plan on taking the meds unless I absolutely have to.   I will probably have my own labs run ahead of time so I can get all of my levels (test, thyroid, etc) I want checked. 

               Spud was nice enough to text Stan to ask him about any modifications I needed to make to the Vertical diet and got some good info.  I need to stop drinking Diet drinks (avoid sugar alcohols and fake sugars), Add in a few carbs, and increase my potassium.  I don’t have a good source of potassium in my diet regularly, so I will be adding more spinach, bananas, and sun dried tomatoes to my diet.  I may even get to add a potato.  All of this will be a good thing for my diet anyways so it could be a blessing in disguise.  Gave my first try at a spinach and OJ shake today and it really wasn’t to bad.  A little ice a few handfuls of spinach and about 3 oz of OJ and I had a nice green spinach slushy.  It should be a good way to get my greens in!

I have not quite fallen off the wagon on the diet but the equivalent of leaning real hard over the side.  I eat clean through the day, but all bets are off at night when I decide to say F it occasionally.  I call it the 45 degree diet instead of the vertical diet.  It is not as bad as I once ate, but not nearly the way it should be.  Obviously, that’s not a great way to drop weight.  I am surprised that my weight has not gone up, but luckily, I am still right at 275.  I will just be happy when my toe feels good enough to get back to dragging the sled. 

Saturday I I finally felt like my foot was good enough to stress it a little so I deadlifted a bit to test out a new product I have been working on.  Luckily it did not protest to much.

Sumo for all sets 135 X 3 sets of 8, 225 X 2 sets of 5, 315 X 3, 365 X 2 sets of 3, 405 X 3 sets of 2.  Did not feel terrible for having not pulled sumo in FOREVER!  Tried one set conventional with 3 plates, but the foot/toe was not happy with that since it put direct pressure on the big toe joint. 

Standing ab crunch 4 sets of 15

Hanging knee raise: 3 sets of 12

If anyone has any super secret tips on dealing with gout give me a shout.  I have read the normal stuff like less meat (not going to happen right now), less beer, and drink apple Cider vinegar.  Looking to stay off meds if I can do it through diet.


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