Photo Shoot time!

Photo Shoot time!

Cardio and photo shoot fun

No real training through last week.  Was a lazy bum for most of the week though did test some new products I liked, so there is at least that…

Saturday was the long awaited photo shoot and I feel like it was a great success!  We had a good turn out from our gym people and even the Crossfit gym (CrossFit Creed) next door.  They used some of our Spud, Inc. gear in there workout to get some great action shots of our gear so much thanks to Bo Seamon for doing that for us.

The one thing that I like about CrossFitters the most is their willingness to try about anything.  Once they were done with their workout most came over to our gym to watch the rest of the shoot and even had a hand full try to pull our big ass Spud, Inc. truck.  Yep, dudes under 175 lbs and some chicks just straps the harness on and started chopping their feet.  That takes more guts than most people have to do that in front of your whole gym and people from our gym standing around watching whom you have not even met!

No real training that day with all the running around setting up events and making sure people were where they needed to be.  Still got nice an sweaty standing outside for some stone and tire deadlift pics.

Monday was sled only day to try and sweat off the bloat from sushi and beer over the weekend.  3 laps with 35 lbs then walk one lap for 3 rounds.  

9 laps sled, and 3 laps walking = My feet hurt.  They are not as bad as I expected thankfully.  If I am not under water from the hurricane on Wednesday there will be heavier sled ahead.

Wednesday More sled day

1 plate drag with upper body strap for 2 laps

1 plate and a 35 for 1 fast lap, then dropped the 35 for another lap.  Walked a lap, pulled a lap 3 more times.  It was O.K. Cardio.  I had planned on doing a heavy drag day, but old man Mike wanted to sled with me and he doesn’t get the concept of interval dragging so every time he drags the sled he goes as fast as possible to get it over with. 

That was it.  No actual gym training tonight.  Had to go home and get some stuff done to batten down the hatches so to speak for the great flood coming this weekend.  Hopefully it isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.  Time will tell…


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