No Taco's for you

No Taco's for you

A little training and diet update

Saturday I didn’t train because we were at my wife’s cousin’s graduation at Presbyterian college.  The day was about perfect for an outdoor graduation (even in long pants and shirt).  My wife’s dad saw I had pants and a long sleeve shirt and commented that he new it was a special occasion if I had real clothes on. Haha  Everyone knows I hate wearing shoes, pants, and anything other than athletic shorts and tee shirts. 

I felt like one of those bodybuilders that brings a cooler everywhere when I was packing up all my steak, OJ, and carrots, but it paid off.  I think this was the first weekend in a long time I lost some weight.  I went off the diet once for the Graduation dinner, but even then, I tried to keep it as clean as possible. We ate at an awesome taco place in Greenville for Mother’s Day.  This one was the hard place to not stuff my face with their delicious tacos but got Naked steak tacos (no tortilla) and they were fantastic.   Came back Monday and saw something I had not seen in a while….289 lbs.  First time being in the 280’s in some time.  I know its not the low 280’s, but I will count it as a small victory. 

Monday 5/14 bench training: 135 X 5 sets of 8, 185 X 4 sets of 5. 

Hammer chest press: 1 plate X 4 sets of 10, 1.5 plates X 3 sets of 8

Triceps ext using long ab strap: 4 sets of 10.  I spread the long ab strap as far as possible at lockout just for something different, and it smoked my tri’s in a different way. 

Plate loaded Incline row machine: 1 plate X 12, 2 plates X 3 sets of 10.  First time using this new machine and I like it a lot. 

Wednesday 5/16 lame lower.  No one came in to train so took the easy way out and just did some squats on the squat machine: 5 sets of 10 with a plate.  My knees normally don’t bug me but they protested the whole way tonight. 

New seated plate loaded leg press machine.  This is a new machine I just tried out today for the first time.  I did 4 sets on it up to 4 plates moving my feet around.  It is a different feeling machine than most leg presses.  It kinda feels like the old Legasaurus (giant tall leg press with stairs on it) we use to have. 

The plan was to get some sled drags in, but I forgot my shoes.  Contemplated doing it barefoot, but figured I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day if I did so no sled today....Make up sled tomorrow!


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