Not so Tech Savy

Not so Tech Savy

Beer drinking, weight lifting, and house work...

Update from my last training blog post:

We had one last celebration for my / Lindsay’s Dad’s birthday planned.  We all went up to Asheville and drank a ton of beer on the Asheville brewery tour.  I had a great blog written out about where we went and what we drank, and then the computer gods smote me and it all disappeared when I tried to upload an picture of one of my beers!  Long story short….If you like good beer go to Asheville brewery tours and book a tour with friends or family!!!

Training has been hit or miss because I came back with a nasty head/sinus cold that has been hanging around for more than a week.  I trained squats on Saturday 9/23 in briefs.  I worked up to 515 X 3 sets of 2-3 and then a single at 555.  My form was solid, but everything felt like a ton.  I plan to suit this weekend and work up to an opener and see if my head won’t pop off with the gunk still in my sinuses. 

Saturday night was eat your weight in steak night at the local Brazilian steak house for us.  We had a big crew of about 9 people and had a good time feasting on filet, lamb chops, and ribeye till we were all stuffed.  Then, it was on to Bourbon for a few drinks.  I had never been before, but it was a cool place with a nice selection of beer and a fine old fashion. 

Bench night was actually productive.  I touched in my shirt with 455 (a fact I am not so proud of).  I cannot remember the last time I was able to touch that light in a long time.  I went up to 495 X 1 off a ½ board that went pretty well.  Next week, I will plan to touch 5 and take 545is to a ½ board. 

The house showings are going well so far.  We have been having 2-4 a week which is pretty great.  No offers yet, but getting solid feedback from people touring so that is encouraging.  Lots of cleaning and yard work to keep it up nice, but it should be worth it.




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