Last few weeks

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Last few weeks

Whoopie pies, crossFit, and sled work

I have tried to get back to training more frequently.  Saturdays are the easiest day to get some good work done.  Still getting some sled work done during the week on Monday and or Wednesday. 

Last weekend we went to visit our friend Taylor in Maryland.  It is always fun to visit her.  She knows I like some good food so she always shows us the best local places to eat and if there is an Amish/Dutch market anywhere near we always go.  The Dutch market near Annapolis was awesome!  I got 7 different cheese, three kinds of whoopie pies, and cinnamon rolls plus some other goodies.  Most of the whoopie pies I gave away when I came back hope to my peoples at the gym.  Lots of walking around and playing tourist visiting the Navel academy and some other cool shops downtown.

Monday Sled work: 35 lb plate on the sled for 2 laps regular dragging.  One lap walking, then another 2 laps dragging.  One lap walking then finished with one lap of upper body work alternating triceps ext, upright rows, and iron cross walk.

Wednesday we had our friend Murph (owner of Total Performance Sports) come into town to shoot some video of our new Dr. Squat strap set to release soon.  It is always good to get to hang with Murph.  Last time we hung out was up at his place in Boston.  It was a scotch fueled night with a hangover that lasted 3 days.  This time we kept it a bit calmer and was home by 9:00.  Had a good time hanging out with him and learning some cool stuff just watching him do the video.  He is a smart dude and a good teacher.  It is fun being around people that are good teachers and just picking up the small subtle things from them.

Somehow we thought it would be a good idea to shoot a powerlifter to crossfit video/commercial.  I was cool with it because I can fake being athletic for a short video (seconds), but the owner of the crossfit gym next door we shot at felt the need for us to go through a whole workout.  Rowing, bodyweight deadlifts, and box jumps all are not cool when done lots of times in a row.  I survived somehow without puking or a bloody shin from box falls (my tired version of box jumps).  I had never been on a row machine before and I enjoyed it.  I may have to incorporate some rowing into some cardio.  The deadlifts were not terrible, but not use to more that 5 or 6 reps so the 12 reps was a bit hard on my lungs.  It was the best workout I have had in a while so not going to complain about that.  My lungs hurt for about a day afterwards and my knees finally feel better 5 days later.  Fat guy box jumps are not knee friendly. 

Saturday workout:

1 lap with 25 on sled for warm up.  Couple sets of squats to see how mad my knees were and one more lap with the sled to finish waking up.

Free squat with 145 for 2 sets of 6

235 X 3, 225 X 5 X 3 sets, 325 with squat buddy on for 2 sets of 5.

1 lap with a plate and a 25 to finish the cardio off.

Wide grip Lat pulldowns: 3 sets of 10

Not a ton of work, but it felt good.  Lots of yard work done later Saturday.  The first cut of the year is always a lot of work, but I think the yard should look good once the grass finishes greening up.  Yard work is a pain sometimes, but it is a good feeling when the yard is done and it looks good. 


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