It is about time...

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It is about time...

A twist on Cardio

Training has been mainly cardio work with some lifting peppered in.

Most workouts I start out with some sled work.  4/7: 1 plate dragging over the shoulder with upper body strap for two laps (with a pause to spot Karl and Mike squatting in between laps).

Yoke carry:  Broke it up into runs of about 50’ or so.  I did about 6 runs of that with enough rest between my heart rate came back to almost normal.

No lifting today.  My guts were not happy about the shitty food I decided to eat on Friday night so I was paying for it.  Happy I at least got some movement in at least.

4/9 Upper night.  Had the idea of how to make the swing set straps suck even worse than they already do by using them one at a time for various light cardio moves.  First round was just a 25 on one side using the BadBell Rhino bar for weighted carries.  I did one lap with just the bar on my back (1/2 lap weight on right, ½ lap with weight on left).

Lap # 2 with same set up was all overhead switching when ever my shoulder on the weighted side was on fire.

Lap # 3 was zercher carries switching weighted side every so often.  These were not as bad as the overhead for sure. 

Lap # 4 and 5 was upper body sled with a 25 lb plate.  I alternated between, triceps ext, chest flys, biceps curls for two laps.

4/11 Sled work.  4 laps with a 35 lb plate.  This was a challenge, but it felt pretty good to get some good cardio in.  The weather was about perfect 70 and breezy so can’t complain about that. 

Did about 4 sets of bent over rows just hanging out with Mike really before heading home.  It was a quite day in the gym so it was just Old man Mike doing some old man deadlifts while I pulled the sled.

Little did I know my feet would hate me when I woke up the next day….Will post another blog about that soon…


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