If a guy squats in the dark does he squat to parallel?

If a guy squats in the dark does he squat to parallel?

Dale's Meet Recap

Squatting in the Dark (not Really) Meet Recap

               Well the meet day finally arrived and My wife and I left the house about 5:30 to get up to Charlotte in time to weigh in?  We get to Charlotte and the lights were out on the whole block.  We walked into a dimly lit hotel lobby like it was the intro to a scary movie. Someone had hit a power pole and knocked power out to the whole block.  Needless to say the day started off shaky, but eventually the power came on a bit sooner than they said it might and we went on with the normal meet day.  I weighed in at a svelte 302 (not planned), which was surprising with my pizza and beer dinner the night before.  I knew I should have eaten more Halloween candy!

               The warm ups went well for squats in the tiny warm up room.  The one good thing about being pretty weak right now is I have a lot less warm ups to do.  I warmed up to 325 X 1 then briefed for 505 X 1.  The plan was to go to 455, but I had a brain fart and called the wrong weight.  I am all about saving energy and taking big jumps so it wasn’t a big shock.  Put my suit on and went to 595 X 1 and was ready for an opener.

     My opener was 707 in knee sleeves and it went just fine.  Next was 760 in knee wraps and it went a little better than the 707, so I felt good enough to go to 804 on my last.  It felt good out of the rack and in the hole.  I went a bit lower than the first two to get a little more rebound out of the suit.  It felt good out of the hole, but my knees shot forward a bit and lot good position.  I was able to lock it out and look in control enough for a split second to get the rack call just in time before I started the trust fall with my spotters. 

               Bench was a disaster from the first warm up.  I laid down to take 135 and it felt heavy and my shoulders hurt already.  I remembered thinking, “Oh yea, I forgot how much benching after squatting sucks” when I took 225 and did it for a slow single.  I threw my shirt on after taking 315 for 405 and almost touched it.  That is not a good feeling when you last warm up almost touches and feel heavy.  Not having those extra 10-12 lbs makes a big difference in the way a shirt fits for sure.  I hit my opener of 462 and second of 484, but was not able to beat 507 to lockout.

               Deadlift was a toss up and knew I was not going to hit anything remotely good, so just figured I would try to call good number to maximize what I had in the tank at least.  I went 501 for an opener and it was solid.  I was hoping to get to around 600 so figured I’d cut the jump in half and took 551 for a second.  It was a solid pull, but felt heavy for sure.  I was close to going 600 for the third, but figured 584 was a better choice.  584 went up O.K. but 600 probably was not there, so glad I took the smart number instead of my normal F it, let’s see what happens on the deadlift.

               I am pretty happy with the way the meet went.  Nothing remotely good (not even a good raw total), but I made it through without getting hurt and had a good time hanging out at a meet (which is something I have missed oddly enough).  I am going to try and drop some weight over the next few months, but continue to train in my gear focusing on building up some more weak points, but not go heavy for a while.  The goal is to be down to around 275-280 by February (25-30 lbs). 


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