Happy New Years...Late

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Happy New Years...Late

Short new years sum up

Happy new years!!  Yes, it is a little late, but it is still a new year so it still counts.

Everyone told me when I was young that time speeds up as you get older.  They were right!  I don’t know where the days go, but they go by faster and faster now.  This year was over in a blink of an eye and also one of the longest years in some aspects.  2018 Was a year of challenges to learn from for sure.  I am not one to look back on the past to much.  Let’s just say that 2018 did not go entirely as planned, but when do plans ever go 100 % the way they are intended.

 I learned a good bit about myself from last year and plan to make some changes to make my 2019 a healthier and happier year.  I have started reading and listening to books and podcasts to help grow my business and life skills.  I never was a big reader although both my parents and wife are voracious readers.  Once I started reading and listening more I felt pretty dumb.  All of this information has been out there for me to learn and grow from and I had just been ignoring it like it didn’t exist. 

Diet update for those who care:  I suck at dieting during the holidays (big surprise).   After eating like a garbage can for the past month I am 290 lbs (again, no surprise).  I guess the positive way to look at it is I am still 10 lbs lower than where I started… (up 15 from my lowest of around 275).  If I had not dropped some weight before Eat you face off holidays I probably would be 310 or so after the holidays so there is that.  I am spending this week getting back to eating cleaner again and will go back on the vertical diet Starting next Monday.  This time I am going to give myself a monthly goal starting each month so I have a short term goal to hit.  January will be to drop 15 lbs.  That is enough weight I will need to behave 90 % of the time to hit it, but that is going to be what it takes to get the weight down.  End goal is still around 255-260 in 6 months. 

               We are continuing our IVF.  We transferred our last of three embryos so now it is just a waiting game to take that test.  My wife and I feel good about the transfer.  She has been working hard to go to acupuncture frequently, taking more supplements, and doing anything she has read on increasing transfer success chances.  Fingers and toes crossed we get good news.

On to a new year with new challenges and new goals we go.  2019 Is going to be a great year!


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