Fix your Elbow

Fix your Elbow

Just a brief tip on another way to combat elbow pain

               When meet cycles come near an end and people’s elbows are beat up I get a lot of questions on what to do to fix them.  Here is a simple way to help elbow pain that works for me. 

               Your elbow may hurt, but most likely it isn’t the actual joint that is the cause.  Most of the time it is the muscles attaching on or near the bones that cause the issue.  Simple fix…. Make the muscles happy again.  Happy muscles lift more weight!

If you have a lighter body tempering tool they work great, but you can most likely find something around the gym (DB or KB) to use if you do not have one.  Lay the forearm flat and just use your tool to roll the forearm all the way from the lower wrist to the biceps.  This may be a little tender to start with, but will start to relax a bit after a few passes.  This is helping all of those forearm flexors (that we use a ton when gripping) to elongate and relax (lessening the pulling force on the insertion at the elbow).  Do the same thing on the other side of your forearm for those extensor muscles.  The top side of your arm may be a bit more painful, but that is the one you want to make sure to hit for maximum benefit. 

The next thing to hit is the triceps.  Rolling the triceps normally requires a partner to help, but it is the same principle as the forearm.  Just roll the triceps with your arm laying flat out (biceps down) on a table/mat from elbow to the shoulder.  Try rolling the triceps using different hand positions (flat, pronated, and slightly supinated if your flexible enough).  A few passes with your roller in each position should help give you some relief.  It isn’t a miracle cure, but if done consistently it does help keep everything happier. 

Roll it out like pizza dough!




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