Fat Guy Feet Problems

Fat Guy Feet Problems

Just a little trick if your feet hurt

Fat Guy Feet problems

               Since I have been upping the cardio and GPP work my feet have not been happy with me.  There are a few things I have been doing to get my feet and ankles calmed down, so just thought I’d share one thing I really like.  The Mummy band!  It is a great tool to have with you for a wide variety of uses, but wrapping the foot and ankle is one of the best ways to use it if you have foot ankle pain or mobility issues. 

I went from not doing much cardio at all to doing 2-3 days a week of weighted carries, sled, and farmers so naturally my feet are like “what in the hell are you doing?”.  I have been using the mummy band to wrap my feet and ankles since they made it known they were not happy and it has helped a good bit. 

How to:  Just start at the bottom of the foot by the last meaty part before your toes.  Just start wrapping the band around and around getting slightly tighter and tighter.  I like to tighten the band around the main affected area more than other parts, but that’s just personal preference.  Once it is all wrapped up I lay down for about 5 minutes with it elevated.  I normally just go into flexion, extension, inversion, and eversion until time is up, but you can wrap a band around the foot so you can have some help by manually pulling the band with your hands while going through those ROM.  Just keep in mind you don’t have to kill it on the tightness unless you are use to it.  If you crank the mummy band down till your in pain your not gonna last the whole 5 minutes before you hate me and take it off.  This is also a great thing to do for ankle mobility before squatting.  It just takes 5 minutes and your squat depth will thank you.


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