Fat Face Monday

Fat Face Monday

A little training and a lot of eating

Saturday 7/21

No Training today because we went to NC to celebrate my wife’s grandmother’s 90th birthday.  It may not sound like a blast, but I enjoy spending time with her grandparents.  They have seen and done a lot of things in their years and it is always fun to hear stories from their past.  It was a great party and they even danced the shag.  Dancing at 90 years old…They must be doing something right.

Monday 7/23: Both of my employees were out so I was running all day to make sure things got done so did not get to train.

Thursday 7/24:  Sled pulling with 1 plate.  Did 6 laps non stop, then walked a lap, then 2 more laps before my client showed up to train.  These drags felt good, and wished I could have kept going.  Not sure if it was just from the extra laps or something else I did, but my big toe joint was on fire by Friday night, so that put a kink into my grand sled drag plans for Saturday.

Saturday 7/28

I had planned to have a good long sled session but figured if I did I would be hobbled for several days, so kept it moderate with 3 laps.  I did 1 lap forward with a plate to see how angry my toe would get.  Then, did ½ lap backwards ½ forward.

Safety Bar Squat: 1 plate X 4 sets of 6, 1.5 plates X 2 sets of 6.  I have not squatted in forever, so these made me more sore than I like to admit.

One more lap of sled forward before I started changing my gait pattern to walk around the pain so figured it was time to stop.

Standing long ab strap crunch: 3 sets of 15

Hanging straight leg raise: 3 sets of 10.

The wife's best friend was in town visiting from MD, so the weekend was a busy one.  We went to eat and drink several places so I knew the diet was F'd for the week end (my choice of course), so decided to finish it off strong with my favorite sushi buffet on Sunday.  I have a "gift" to hold buckets of water easily so when I stepped on the scale I was not surprised to see I put on 12 lbs from Saturday morning (276) to Monday morning (288).  Yep, 288 lbs.  Luckily a good bit is just water from the rice and soy sauce, but still has me all puffed up like a puffer fish. 


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