Did You Miss Me?

Did You Miss Me?

What has been happening in the world of Dale and Spud, Inc. in the past three years.

Well I am not one for extended conversations or lengthy posts, so this may be the longest of this blog ever!  

Around three years ago I competed at a geared meet and totaled 2400 lbs.  It was a big deal for me as my best meet to date and what I felt like was the tipping point to where I would hit that next gear in my training to go on to total 2500,2600....you get the picture.  Well.... Life happened.

     I took a little time off from heavy training to let me body and brain have a break (planning to get back to it in a month or so).  Well that break turned into a couple of years of not powerlifting.  I still trained once or twice a week, but nothing heavy.  I was enjoying working to help grow Spud, Inc with the extra time I had away from powerlifting.  Sure, I could have probably done an OK job at both, but I wanted to focus on getting the business to the next level so lifting took a back seat.  I learned a lot and I grew as a manager so I definitely don't regret that at all.

     I started back getting in some gear about a month ago, and started the training cycle up about two weeks ago for a meet in lat Oct.  Things are going well so far with my body not falling apart yet. haha.  

On top of coming back from a three year break, my wife and I are in the middle of selling our house, and have been doing fertility treatment for the past 6 months with in vetro as the next step.  All I hear are $$$$$$$$$$$$$ when I hear those words "In Vetro".  It is/will be an adventure for sure.  

     One other awesome thing we have going on is that we hope to move into the new Spud, Inc. HQ around November.  That is truly exciting and will give us more space to stock more items and get orders processed even faster.

     This blog will be mainly about meet training, food eating, with the occasional post on the happenings in my daily life.  Hope you enjoy my short ramblings.




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