Cardio without Cardio

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Cardio without Cardio

A little workout, a little product development, and some rocks...

Monday 7/30 Upper

Sled pull forward with upper body strap. 1.5 plates for 2 laps.

Hammer incline Press: 4 sets of 15 with a plate

Triceps pushdowns with fat rope: 4 sets of 15 superset with Wide Grip High rows on seated row machine 4 sets of 15.

Overhead Press with squat machine: 4 sets of 12 with a 25 on each side.

Band pull aparts: 3 sets of 20 with monster mini.

2 more laps of fast pace dragging with 1.5 plates.  Weight is back down to 278 by Wednesday, so I am more than happy with that. I figured it would take me till Friday or Saturday to get back down.

Wednesday Lower

2 plates on the sled for 1 lap.  Normally I start out doing a lap or two with a plate to get warm, but this time I jumped right in with two.  A mistake I will avoid in the future.  One lap was all I made it through. 

Deadlifts: 1 plate X 2 sets of 8, 2 plated X 2 sets of 5.  I made some new chain hangers to use for deadlifts, so we tested them out.  We doubled up the chain so it all came off the ground which gave it a different feel.  We added chain one at a time up to 4 chains and it felt good.  We then tried the normal chain set up where there is still some chain left on the floor, but there was to much on the floor 6 chains per side X 3. 

Not sure why, but I was gassed after that.  I called it there and went home and had a nice steak dinner.  I am loving being able to have good meat at the house instead of having to go grocery shopping twice a week!

Saturday 8/4 Lower

Sled with 1 plate X 2 laps warm up.

Deadlift with chains again….Still testing out different straps and ways to load the chain.

Warmed up to 2 plates and started adding chain for doubles.  2,3,3.5,4,5,6 chains per side for doubles.  The last two sets tested me a bit.  Probably the heaviest I have pulled in some time.  It didn’t feel terrible, but still only around 440 up top. 

Loaded the wheelbarrow up with 135 lbs on the peg closest to the handles for a lap.  Did this lap with no put downs.

Sled with 2 plates for 1 lap mixing forward and backward drags.

Back to the wheelbarrow for another lap with 2 plates near handle and 2 plates near wheel.  My hands were a chalky paste mess since it had gotten hot out and I was sweating good by now.

Long ab strap standing crunch: 3 sets of 15.

Post workout weight was 272, so getting closer to that magic 30 lbs down.  I behaved better this weekend so I was still 275 when I weighed this morning. 

Got a little extra cardio when my car battery died and I got to walk to the Goodyear toting my dead batter at high noon.  They took pity on my and actually gave me a ride back since they were slow anyways.

I am going back and forth with myself on my “final” weight I want to get down to.  After a while it becomes an obsession where you keep moving the finish line farther and farther, lower and lower.  I thought about going crazy and set the number at 240, but my wife said that’s to low.  I guess it depends on where the life insurance people say I have to be to get a reasonable rate. 

Monday No training.  I have been working on a lot of new product that I am excited about.  We have some pretty cool new stuff that will be released soon so a good bit of my time and mainly mental energy has been going to that.  May be it is an excuse, but right now it feels just as good to go home and work on making new product than it does to train. 

Wednesday I had a client to train during normal training time so no training.

Saturday I volunteered to help our local beer drinking hang out place (Random Tap) with some work they are doing to get a new place ready to move the business to.  They are good people and I like supporting small business that does it well and are good to their customers.  I am not sure how much we have, but I think we are spreading crushed rock...Sounds like I will be getting a workout even if I am not in the gym for it!


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