Backwards in Chicago

Backwards in Chicago

Short master National's recap and life

I went up to help Mike and Nick at the Master’s Nationals this past weekend in Chicago and had a great time.  Mike and Nick did well both hitting a PR (bench for Nick, and the Dead for Mike).  It always has to be interesting somehow.  Nick was cramping up so bad he couldn’t stand up when it came time for deadlifts.  That ended up being Marc, Sue and I working on Nick all at the same time to get his legs to let go.  He probably got more sore from that than the actual lifting in the meet. Mike tried to forget how to bench in the warm up room.  He missed his last warm up in the warm up room (not a good sign).  We were able to lower his opener in time and barely got him in the meet after two tries at 380 lbs.   Everyone survived with no injuries so I will call that a solid meet. 

Over all the meet was run very well.  Lots of lifters were run through quickly and we had good spotters and loaders. Well run Meet by Eric Stone!

As for the diet, well, that didn’t really go so well.  I knew I was going to let loose a bit and it cost me 5 lbs, but I had a fantastic Deep Dish loaded meat pizza and some beer.  Back to 290 lbs on Monday when we got back.  I am surprised it was only a 5 lb gain honestly.  It was funny since my meals have been smaller I was only able to eat 3 pieces of the pizza at dinner. 

Monday I was worn out from the trip and being up ass early so no training. 

Wednesday 6/13 Sled with 1 plate.  2 laps with about ½ a lap of that backwards.  I absolutely hate backward drags, but it was the only way I could keep my fat legs from rubbing together to keep going so backwards it was. 

Lat Pulldown close grip: 3 sets of 12

Standing long ab crunch: 4 sets of 15

Seated leg curl: 3 sets of 15

Done.  Not much of a workout, but still had a grocery store run and food to cook for the next day(s), so that’s my excuse. 

The long-awaited Dr’s appointment was not the news we were hoping for last week, so it is back to the drawing board.  We are changing a few things in preparation for our next transfer (maybe in July).  Adding in some more supplements and using some acupuncture therapy to get us the best chance it will work for us this next time. More waiting.  Good thing I am patient.


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