Back in gear...?

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Back in gear...?

Finally getting back into some gear for squats

Saturday Squat day. 

Decided to get back into briefs again to see how things felt.  The squat moved well and my form was actually intact months after last squatting in briefs.  My strength was not so intact, but that was expected.

Buffalo bar free squat: 145 X 3 sets of 6, 235 X 2 sets of 4, 325 X 3 in squat buddy, 375 X 2 in squat buddy, added briefs on for 415 X 2, 455 X 1, 505 X 1 in wraps, 545 X 1 in wraps.  Form got a little off on this one so it was harder than it should have been. Went back down to 505 for 3 sets of 3.  This was that hardest part of the workout, but felt good to get some work in. 

I was pleased to see that using the squat buddy got me as close to my briefs single for comparison sake.  Now, my briefs were not tight and as I said earlier I am fairly untrained right now.  I would anticipate the difference in squat buddy and briefs will be a little larger as I get back to squatting in gear more often, but a good number to work from now.

That was that for the day.  Felt fairly crushed the rest of the day from the CNS Stimulation, but did not feel bad Sunday surprisingly. 

No Training this past week.  We are short staffed right now so lots to do with fewer hands to do it. 

Skipped training Saturday to go to see The book of Mormon play with my wife in Greenville at the Peace Center.  We had a nice day to ourselves out and about in Greenville.  We had a fantastic breakfast at Biscuit Head.  I had never eaten there, but it is my kind of paradise.  Biscuits every sort of way you could want a biscuit.  If you have the chance, go!  I got the Greenvillian which is a biscuit, country fried steak with Bacon Gravy, and an over easy egg on top (the picture says it all).

The play was more than I had expected.  My wife said it was written by the south park guys so I thought it would be at least entertaining.  I am not a big play/singing musical kind of guy (hard to believe I know), but it was a blast.  The funny part was seeing all of the people around me who you would never think would enjoy the raunchy humor laughing their ass off.  50, 60, 70 year old stuffy old people cracking up at jokes I wouldn’t say out loud was great.  Just makes you think twice of judging someone by just looking at them. 

Fun Times were had by all!


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