Tin Can Telephones are Where It's At

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Tin Can Telephones are Where It's At

Last week I was suffering from Post-workout vacation ennui plus birthday celebration overload. It was to hard to try to cram in a week of actual training so I just did cardio...but I didn't really do a successful job of that because I took Thursday and Friday off. Thursday I had a headache that wouldn't go away and Friday I was "overwhelmed" with the work I had to do and opted to get some of that done instead of doing any cardio.

Here is my lack-luster training from the past week. I did start actually weight training again this week.:

Tuesday, August 29th
10 laps with the sled w/ 35 lbs.

Wednesday, August 30th
2 laps with the prowler with no weight.

Saturday, September 1st
Sled/Prowler Combo. I did one lap with the sled with a 45 lb. plate and one lap with the prowler (no weight added). I repeated this 3 times

Monday, September 4th
Box Squats with the Buffalo Bar. I worked up to 275 for 5 x 5
3 laps with the prowler with no weight. I worked on my time on the first lap and got 7:45 seconds. That is VASTLY different from Marc's 5:30 but its a good starting point.

Tuesday, September 5th
Rack pulls - worked up to 315 lbs. for 5 x 3
One lap of prowler with a 45 lb. plate on each arm. I timed this as well to see if I could make improvements. It took about 14:38.


Just sitting here thinking if there has been anything fun or exciting happening at the gym that I could turn into a story, but truthfully other than the University of South Carolina's fighting Gamecocks winning their opening football game against NC State nothing exciting has been going on. Mostly, we are turning our focus to the new building. We are at the very beginning of the nitty gritty stage where we have to make decisions on what stereo system to buy, what licensed music service to use, how many new computer we need, where the electrical outlets should be and what phone service to use. It is all overwhelming and if I don't remember to breath properly it can get me all stressed out. I am so excited about the new building but boy is there a lot of work to be done.

In the new place a few of us will actually have offices. Dale will have his own office and he swears it will be sound proof and the only entry point will be via a tunnel so no one can see him coming or going. You think he jests? Nope, I think he might be serious about the tunnel. I am certain he is going to get bored so I asked if we could install an intercom between his office and mine. He said no! (weird, huh?) So I asked if we could get walkie talkies and then we could have code names and all kinds of secret spy codes that we use. AND HE SAID NO! (I mean, seriously). So finally, I asked if i could at least make a tin can telephone with a piece of string and use that to contact him and he agreed. Those tin can phones do work, right? RIGHT?


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