Sample Thyroid Diet Menu

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Sample Thyroid Diet Menu

Diet is actually the wrong word.  It gives the wrong connotation to what we have been talking about.  This is less a “diet” and more an eating plan.  Certainly, if you keep your calories in a deficit you will lose weight.  Also, by giving your thyroid everything it needs, and none of what it doesn’t need, your metabolism will start humming along and you will begin losing unwanted body fat. Diet also means, well for me at least, that I am about to embark on a food journey that will be bland and boring and no fun at all.  Luckily, with the thyroid diet you get to keep some great tasting foods so it really isn’t that hard to make the necessary changes.


I actually got an email today from the certifies herbalist that I am working with where he says “I think you may need to eat a sugary snack like ice cream before you go to bed to keep your temperature from dipping so low after your first meal”.  WHAT?  I have NEVER had ANYONE tell me I needed to eat MORE ice cream.  (One small caveat to this is that he is talking about vanilla hagen daas ice cream which has not fillers and no gums and is made with real sugar.)


In March my friend Kristin Nunn-Miles, our nutrition guru at the gym, did a facebook group on Macros.  She wanted to teach people how to use and understand macros when looking to lose weight or get healthier).  She gave us all sorts of math formulas to use to come up with our calorie goals.  The following menu is based on the maintenance level of calories I came up with.  For most people, this is way too many calories.  So, the amounts may need to be scaled back (if you need help with that just email me at [email protected]).  This is what I have come up with to keep as a daily food schedule to stay on track with my thyroid goals.



Now it is time for true confessions.  I am addicted to chocolate muffins from Brueggers bagels.  I have eaten them for 10 years.  Going to Brueggers is a highlight of my day.  Chocolate muffins are obviously NOT on the Ray Peat thyroid diet.   But I have learned through trial and error that if I keep the rest of my day super tight and don’t deviate, that I can have my chocolate muffin and it does not stall progress…or maybe it does, but it doesn’t halt progress.  On the weekends too, we eat out on Friday and Saturday night.  I try to stay in my bounds but know that I will step out.  I have made sacrifices like not eating dessert on Saturday and Sunday but allowing myself to have dessert on Friday.  And I am pickier at the restaurants we go to.  I am learning where I can and cannot step out to make this diet fit into my lifestyle, but also make sure that I am still making progress.   Progress for me is that I am losing weight and my bloodwork is coming back showing positive trends in all of the areas I am concerned about.


Years ago, we did a nutrition program at the gym called APEX.  It was a great program but really nothing special.  It taught people how to have good portion control, how to understand the calories in vs. calories out equation, and how to have the best macro profile for your goal.  So many people at the gym did the program and most all of them lost weight.  I remember going to the training for the program and at the end of the day the speaker said this: “We are not aiming for 100% compliance by your clients.  We are aiming for 80% compliance.  80% compliance will get most people where they want to be”.  The same is true here.  Get your diet as close to 100% compliance as you can and then don’t sweat the times you make different choices.  Get your supplementation on point and your work outs on point and you will start to steadily make progress.


As with everything, if you have any questions please reach out to me by email at [email protected]


My next article will detail the exact changes that I have made in my bloodwork, so you can see how this is working.  Stay tuned.



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