There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today

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There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today


Thursday, August 17th

Deadlifts w/ 225 lbs. sumo. I did 1 rep every 30 seconds for 30 minutes with a bonus of 2 extra reps at the end. So, 62 reps total. I stayed really light because I have not worked my sumo deadlift in a few years. I really like this rep scheme for volume and I seem to respond to it well. Afterwards I pushed the prowler for 1 heavy lap (35 lbs. per arm)

Friday, August 18th

SHOPPING!!! (Does that count)? Actually I did some upper body work before shopping.

* Speed bench with Tsunami Bar - 35 lb.s per side for 8 sets of 10

* Over head press with Tsunami Bar - same weight - for 6 sets of 8 - 10

* Close Grip Floor Press with Tsunami Bar - 25 lbs. per side for 5 sets of 10

* Lat Pulls with Tsunami Bar - 50 lbs. for 8 sets of 10


Saturday, August 19th

12 laps with the sled w/ 35 lbs. This equates to almost 4 miles and it takes right at 1.5 hours. I can do a lap in 8 minutes.

Monday, August 21st - ECLIPSE DAY

I repeated the squat routine from last week. 2 squats at the top of the minute for 30 minutes with a bonus set at the end. I upped the weight by 5 lbs. total to 190 lbs. I also wore knee wraps this time to take a little bit of that anxiety out of the game. Consequently, I was able to squat really low for each rep the whole time.

Ended with two laps of the prowler. 1 was a timed lap and I got it in 8 minutes 10 seconds. The second was not timed and I accomplished it in right at 10 minutes. I had no weight on the prowler.
If you have been reading Spud's blog to see all the prowler training he has been doing then you will know all of his breathing techniques and that he has timed himself. That lays the gauntlet down for me. He can do 2 laps in just over 15 minutes, so now I have to try to get as close to that as I can. We shall see how it goes.


The Eclipse

Yesterday was also the Eclipse. We are in Columbia, SC which was directly in the path to see the Total Eclipse. There were parties all over the city but we all decided (you know since it was a work day) to watch it together at the gym. Lindsay brought snacks: Sun Chips, Cosmic Brownies and Two-toned Oreos (Vanilla for the Sun and Chocolate for the moon). At 1:13 pm we went out to start the viewing. It took a minute to figure out the glasses but once you could see I just laid down on a yoga mat and watched it all happen. The boys came in and out but finally with about 5 minutes to go before the totality everyone came out.......AND the clouds covered the sun. With about 1 minutes to (yes we had an Eclipse App on the phone telling us everything that was happening) we ran to the other side of the parking lot to get a better view, the clouds parted and the moon covered the sun. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

We saw Sun Snakes - which was super cool. We also watched it all together along with a parking lot full of random people who just stopped to find a good viewing spot. Everyone cheered. The kids shrieked and giggled. The world went silent. For a little over 2 minutes we just stood there in awe watching and trying to process just how cool it was.

It was certainly a special day. Watching the moon slowly creep over the sun was such a crazy thing. I couldn't stop looking. One of our employees got a video of the event. You can see the blue sky and this small bright ball (it looked different through the lens of the camera on his phone) and then all of a sudden as the moon pulls starts to pull away this glorious light radiates. It really is beautiful. Thank you science!


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