Quadzilla Coming to a Theater Near You

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Quadzilla Coming to a Theater Near You

The end of nothing but cardio week:


Thursday, August 10th

* 5 laps with the prowler = 1 2/3 miles.

Friday, August 11th

* 12 laps with the sled with 25 lbs. added (about 80 lbs. total)


This weekend was our friend Jacobs funeral. I was pretty rung out after that so we didn't do much except lay around and eat and sleep. Not very productive weekend.


This week started off with a bang. I picked up the training I was supposed to start last week. Two weeks of volume work.


Monday, August 14th

I have this workout that I got from Men's Health...I know LAME, right? But it isn't, its actually a pretty cool volume workout. I do it with both Squats and Deadlifts with slight variations. It is very simple do 2 squats at the top of the minute, every minute, for 30 minutes. That's 60 squats total (though I do a bonus round so I get 62). I used 185 lbs for the entire 30 minutes, which is more than I have ever done. The thought was 185 this week and 200 next week. And because the weight is so low I only use a belt and I focus on all the set up, depth and strong finishes for each rep. To maximize your time you need to plan your rest. I get my hands set at 14 seconds to go, get the bar on my back with 7 seconds to go and then I am in perfect position to squat at the exact top of the minute. I end up with about 35 seconds of rest each minute. And then after about an hour and a half rest I did 2 laps with the prowler with no weight.

I was sore like I had been beaten by a baseball bat. We do this thing here (only for the strong) where we lunge the entire parking lot (1/3 a mile). The first few times you do that your legs hurt so badly for DAYS afterwards. You can sit on the toilet easily, you can stand up easily - everything hurts so badly that you are certain you will never walk right again. I was that sore after this squat workout. I was so sore that I felt like I had the flu on Tuesday. I had a headache, and I felt flushed and had a general malaise. Which means that next week with 200 lbs. ought to feel AWESOME. Ughh!!!!


Tuesday, August 15th


I literally had no gas so I only managed my main movement of Floor Presses with the 75 lb. fat bar plus a chain on each side and an extra 5 lbs. per side. Nothing exciting. I did a couple of sets of 10 reps with just the chains added and then did 8 sets of 6 reps once I add the extra 5 lbs. per side. And like I said, I felt so sick so not much else happened.

Wednesday, August 16th

I was still really sore but had to do Prowler so I figured that it would help push the trash out of my legs. I did 3 laps sticking with a 50 step cadence. I push 50 steps then stop long enough to bring my heart rate back down to where I can get another 50 steps. It takes about 11 minutes a lap.

On a high note one of my workout partners had a baby girl on Monday. Well, he didn't have it, his wife did. I got to see her on Tuesday and that took some of the sting out of my poor legs. Welcome to the world Ayva Shanell Nicole Coleman!!!!


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