Mobility Work and the Brettzel

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Mobility Work and the Brettzel

You would think that after almost 20 years of training I would learn that you HAVE to do your mobility work if you want to stay out of pain and impairment.  But NO! I have never seemed to catch on to that simple fact.  You would also think that after all of the seminars and classes we have been to that taught us the best way to manage mobility that I would make it a higher priority.  But I am going to be honest with you.  Ever since we moved the gym over the holidays I am having a very hard time figuring out how to prioritize my training time and frankly, mobility and activation work has suffered.


But NOT Today. No, sirreee Bob.  I have just spent the last hour doing activations and do you know what??? I feel better.  Yes, I know that is not big news but maybe it is for my brain.   Here is what I did today:

  • Bodytempering on my quads. I put 3 different tools on my quads that totaled about 100 lbs. and left them there for 5 minutes.  After that I spent some extra time going over my IT band on the left side.
  • Bodytempering/Be Activated on my psoas, asis, ribcage/ab connections, QL and glutes
  • Yoga stretching: Pigeon, Cat & Cow, Sphinx, and Downward Dog.


I thought that this would be it but I was still feeling sticky.  And then like a bolt of lightening to my brain I remembered a stretch we learned in kettlebell school way, way, way back.  It is called the Brettzel after Senior Master Sensei level Instructor Brett Jones.  I couldn’t quite remember how to do it so I looked it up on YouTube and found a great clip of Brett teaching this stretch.  Here it is for you edification.



I then proceeded to do the Brettzel two times on each side.  Taking my time and getting about 5 good breaths in the starting position and then in the total stretch position.  Do you know what I realized?  My ribcage is stuck. So, I did some tiger claw across the front of my ribs and I hung on the band for the back of my ribs and I tried the Brettzel again.  It was better, a tiny bit more mobility, but not nearly enough.  Do I think this will spurn me on to great heights of mobility?  I hope so, but who knows.  We have another trip coming up and all bets are off when we are travelling.


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