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I Am a Certified Expert

The prowler is broken so the workout have been kind of lame. Plus, I had some stuff pop up last week that got in the way of training.

Thursday, October 19th

* back and forth in the back of the gym 7 times carrying the keg. It wasn't much but it was at least a little bit to get the blood flowing

Friday, October 20th

* Sled with 45 lbs. for 4 laps - I was tired so I didn't do any more.


Saturday, October 21st

* I did nothing. We had the Body Tempering Certification on Saturday and I took Monday off to work in the house so these lazy bones didn't work out.


Monday, October 22nd 


* I took the day off from work to clean the house and get all our personal stuff prepped before the big Gym move.


Tuesday, October 23rd

* Sled for 6 laps with a 35 lb. plate. That equals almost 2 miles


Wednesday, October 24th

* Again, nothing. We shot this months Spud, Inc. videos right in the middle of the day so that ate up all of my productive time.


Body Tempering Certification by Donnie Thompson


I had the pleasure of attending the first Body Tempering certification this past weekend. Originally, Spud, Inc. was just going to have a booth but it seemed super stupid not to actually do the certification so I signed up. Marc has hung out at Donnie's and over the past few years has not only been worked on by him, but has learned the fundamentals and back ground science straight from the horses mouth. I have not. I have never had the chance to just listen to Donnie talk about the "why's" of Body Tempering, so i was happy to get the chance to do so.


It was a HUGE first class with about 45 participants getting certified. It seemed to me that most people there had either gotten work done already by someone familiar with the techniques, or were familir enough themselves to already be working on clients. That was helpful because there were plenty of people to talk with about technique. The cool thing is that there are a few rules, but beyond those each person is encouraged to come up with their own technique that they are comfortable with.


If you have never heard of Body Tempering here is the low down. Body Tempering is the release of bound tissue (muscle and connective tissue) with the use of weighted instruments. I think the heaviest piece we worked with this weekend was 184 lbs. and the smallest was probably around 9 lbs. What weight you use depends on what body part you are tempering. For instance, you wouldn't use the 184 lb. tool on someones forearm or shoulder....unless they were really, really big and strong. For the most part, I stayed with the 75 lbs. and the 125 lbs.


What I think is the coolest about Body Tempering is that it works great with the Be Activated principles that Marc and I work with. It is sort of a more aggressive way to hit the Be Activated points on your own, but also when working on people. We have been playing around with that combination for a few months. One thing I like is to lay the 75 lb. body tempering piece on my tummy/psoas area and let it rest in a static position for 5 minutes. You can actually feel your different layers of tissue begin to open up and release. For me, it starts in my ankles. They are a trouble spot but when working my Psoas they are always the first to relax. Next, I get a weird burning sensation in my pec/collarbone region. Sometimes, this is so intense that I have to take the weight off and breathe, but most times I can work through it. It lasts about 1 minute and then that area begins to release as well. Even better, I can actually feel the anxiety leave my body. I try to do this a couple of times a week, but definitely do it on days when I am feeling anxious.


If you have never heard of Body Tempering, or you want to know more about it and all of Donnie's cool Pre-Hab protocols then check out his new website: www.bodytempering.com.


And if you want to check it out and see what it feels like you can stop by the gym anytime.


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