Fat Boy Slim, Twerkin' and the Prowler

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Fat Boy Slim, Twerkin' and the Prowler

Have fun in the sun with the Prowler on a hot Friday in July. The last bit of volume training for the next two weeks.

This week has been my second “volume” week and I feel great.  It is amazing how much better I feel about myself (and the way I look) when I am training strong, hitting my accessory work and sweating my ass off.


Fridays workout is an example of the week:


Bench press: 135 lbs. for 2 x 5, 145 lbs. for 2 x 3, 155 lbs. for 5 x 3, 135 lbs. for 2 x 8


Seated overhead press with chains.  I used the Spud, Inc. looper straps and pressed from the second loop up from the chain cluster: 1 chain for 1 x 8, 2 chains for 5 x 3 with a 10 breath hold at the end of each set at the top.


Sledgehammer (about 35 lbs.): 3 sets of 8 per side


An interesting side note, during the overhead press my left shoulder did something funky and I had a bit of pain finishing that exercise and doing the sledgehammer.  It is nothing major – I do it all the time, but I was sure I was in for a migraine and my whole left shoulder and bicep locking up.  Later in the day I did some breathing and some Be Activated drills and pushed my first rib back into place.  Voila!  No pain, no migraine and no intense locking up of the left side.  Cool shit.


After I did my weight training I went outside and pushed the prowler.  Marc/Spud has been doing an experiment with pushing the prowler every day for 30 days.  I am not that intense, but this was my 3rd day this week.  I did 1 lap with no weight and it went pretty quickly.  One lap is 1/3 a mile.  On the second lap, I put a 25 lbs. plate on each arm.  The plan was to push 25 – 30 steps then rest/recover and push again.  It was hot as blazes outside.  So, I put on some Fat Boy Slim and set out.  It was hard from the start but the music kept me motivated.  About half way I started to get tired but the music had me jazzed up so as I was hanging on the prowler poles trying to catch my breath I started dancing.  Catching a glimpse at my shadow I realized that dancing while leaning on the prowler poles looks a very similar to TWERKING!!!   Yes, there I was in the parking lot twerking up a storm and singing “I see you baby…shaking that ass”.  Ha!  I was so amused with myself.


It still took 30 minutes to get around and I thought I would die.  Pushing the prowler in July in South Carolina is no joke.



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