Boobs and Butts

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Boobs and Butts

I feel very fortunate to be in the industry that I am in.  For the most part, in our industry, women are given equal treatment.  True, with powerlifting, at a super big meet the seats are filled to capacity on the day that the big boys lift and not so much on the girl day, but that is simply because watching someone squat 1,200+ is way more mind blowing than watching someone squat 500+.  However, the real lifters in this sport give women all the props for being strong and bad ass.  That’s why I love powerlifting because the mentality (in most places) is “I don’t care who you are if you want to squat some f*cking weight then come on”.


This appears to be true in other training disciplines as well. It certainly is what we found in the Kettlebell community that Pavel has created.   And I am not a Crossfitter, but it seems to hold true in that community as well.  Bad ass people are bad ass people and gender doesn’t really set you apart from being bad ass.


So, that being said I feel lucky.  I am lucky to be in an environment daily where I don’t have to struggle against negativity.  I don’t have to constantly prove myself just because I am a girl.  I am lucky to work in an environment where I can have a good squat workout and do it wearing glitter from head to toe.  I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I love our friends in the industry around the country. 


But, I do have one teensie, weensie, tiny, baby concern that I would like to address.  And before I start this little rant, please understand that it does go both ways. I know that, I just tend to see this behavior from men more than women. 


Here goes….


I have noticed a trend of girl shaming on the internet towards ladies that post sexy pictures of themselves.  There are A LOT of those, I know.  Sometimes your newsfeed on facebook or Instagram can feel like it is nothing but sexy boobs and butts.  But in the last few months I have read so many posts from guys shaming these women because they are “demeaning” themselves by posting these pictures.  You see comments like “Ladies, stop putting yourself down by posting pictures”, “I’m just looking out for the ladies here, but don’t you think that posting naked pictures of yourself is demoralizing”, “If your self-esteem is so low that you have to post naked pictures of yourself for attention then you are crazy”.  I have seen much rougher comments as well.  So, have you.


Okay, but if you follow the pages of the guys making these comments most of their posts are pictures of chicks with their boobs and butt hanging out with funny jokes attached.  So, you shame women for trying to get attention by showing their boobs, but you also only post pictures of girls boobs.  Do you see the issue?  You can’t shame a girl for doing something to get attention…when she sees that the only thing you give your attention to is the exact thing that you are telling her not to do. Confusing?  Yes, it is.


I have absolutely no problems with guys posting pictures of boobs and butts.  Come one, a good looking set of boobs is worth looking at.  I get it.  I have absolutely no issue with it, and I will probably be looking just as hard as you are.  But you simply can’t post those types of pictures all day long and then shame other women for taking and posting similar pictures of themselves.  You can’t have it both ways. 


Our industry is built on hard bodies.  All the supplement companies use super ripped up hot guys and girls to sell their products.  The posters for bodybuilding shows feature winners in little clothing showing off how awesome they look.  There are powerlifters out there that post pictures of themselves in their underwear or less so everyone can see what they work so hard for.  And there are A LOT of people who want to see these pictures.  And that attention drives more people to do it.  Most of my feed on Instagram is of scantily clad guys and girls doing something athletic.  There is even a couple who post workout videos together and she wears nothing but a thong bikini and they get MILLIONS of viewers.  And do you know what?  That is their choice.  They put out good content that people want to watch AND they have a sexy butt on screen the whole time. Big whoop.  If I didn't want to get their information or see her bootie then I wouldn't watch it. I would just keep scrolling.


Who cares? Why now are we starting to try and create this double standard.  I don’t get it.  So, leave it alone.   Especially leave it alone if you enjoy looking at these pictures and videos because you can’t have it one way and then try to be the moral police.


To help you out, I have made a flow chart.  It will help you (hopefully) figure out when a picture of a scantily clad lady is something you should be having a conversation about (in private) or something that you should look at and then move on from.  I hope it helps.



Training Stuff


It was my birthday and we have been out of town so the ONLY thing of note with my training was that I ran a mile in 10:58 so I have cracked the 11 minute mile stage.  At my best (which was still hella slow) I did a mile in like 7:56. Probably won’t get back to that but I do strive for a sub 9 mile.


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