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Tuesday, August 22nd

* Fat Bar floor presses w/ 1 chain - 8 sets of 6
* KB Snatches w/ 16 KG - 2 per arm at the top of the minute for 15 minutes
* Prowler for 1 lap

Wednesday, August 23rd

* Prowler for 3 laps

Thursday, August 24th

* Deadlifts with 250 lbs. 1 rep every 30 seconds for 30 minutes with a bonus 2 reps at the end

BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! We always try to go out of town around my birthday. Last year we did Niagra Falls, the year before that was the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ. This year we decided to stay closer to home and try out the beaches of North Carolina. We stayed at a resort called the Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach. Here are the highlights:

1. Got beaded flip flops from Tanzania....yep, Spud got a pair too!

2. Purchased 1 million funny T-shirts, because you can't have to many!

3. Breakfast (our favorite meal of the day) was FREE at the hotel and it was one of the best buffets we have had. Score! We loaded up each morning

4. We are not great at laying on the beach. After what would seem like an eternity we would trudge back to the room only to see we had been out for just an hour. I am not sure how people stay out there all day.

5. When a Tropical Storm is approaching the ocean can get kind of rough.

6. Sitting on your balcony, drinking beer and watching the ocean is a really good way to spend the afternoon.

7. We shopped at a small downtown grocery store like it was Nordstroms. At one point the manager came over and said "Y'all seem to be having so much fun"....I guess he had never seen two people act so stupid over pastries.

8. Saw an actual prostitute and her pimp. I gave her 3 dollars.

9. We petted a shark at the NC Aquarium and their skin is smooth and rough all at the same time.

10. For 3 days we did not have to get up in the morning to rush out and do something. It was bliss!!!!


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