Adjustable Belt Squat BeltAdjustable Belt Squat BeltAdjustable Belt Squat Belt
Adjustable Belt Squat Belt


Article #: SPUD429



The Adjustable Belt Squat Belt is the perfect belt for any belt squat machine and even home gym Belt Squat set ups!


Article number: SPUD429
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Ready to ditch your gym’s bucket of belts? Tall athletes, short athletes and even the big guys can now use just one belt squat belt. The Spud Inc. Adjustable Belt Squat Belt is designed to accommodate lifters of any size with just the pull of a strap. And because it’s from Spud Inc., you know it’s the most comfortable, durable belt out there.



- Made in America

- Woven Nylon

- Weight Capacity: 7,500lbs


Available only in Black




Made in the USA: Yes
Length: 44 In. - 68 In. (Smallest to largest)
Width: 5.25 In.
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