Tsunami Bar Light - 72

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The Tsunami Bar® LIGHT, LIGHT Plus, Ultra-LIGHT, and CAMO are different from the standard Tsunami Bar® LEVEL 1, 3, & 5 from a materials standpoint regarding the outer surface. The LIGHT, LIGHT Plus, Ultra-LIGHT, and CAMO bars are constructed using a highly durable thermoplastic rubber as opposed to the hard surface of the standard Tsunami Bars®. This thermoplastic rubber design has a little softer feel allowing the bar to "conform" more to the user's body.

As an example, when a Tsunami Bar® LIGHT (blue label) is used for traditional squats the bar will conform to the user's upper back and shoulder structure very nicely providing an extremely comfortable feel for the lifter. Gone are the days of rough steel knurling cutting into the back of your neck and shoulders. Gone are the days of ridgid steel bars dumping unnecessary axial pressure directly onto your vertebrae.

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