Tsunami Bar 32" Multi

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The list of uses for the Tsunami Bar® 32" Multi is virtually endless. Made from highly durable rubber using Tsunami Bar® technology this accessory can do it all. Whether it is attached to a selectorized stack, chains, bands, kettlebells, plates. Prowlers, monkey bars ... it doesn't matter, because the Tsunami Bar® 32" Multi can play a role in working out any and every muscle group.

In testing I've seen this bar used as a short lat bar, a seated row bar, a chain suspended chin bar, a biceps curl bar, a triceps bar, kettlebell swings, Prowler pulls, upright rows, and so much more.

What makes the Multi Bar special is the Tsunami Bar® technology which offers an excellent grip surface and enough flex to make the bar ergonomically comfortable for the user. The design of the bar will actually absorb some of the load when an exercise requires a change of direction which will effectively reduce the stress imparted to the hands, wrists, and elbows.

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