Beginner Powerlifter Pack

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** We will email you once you place your order to verify which style and size of Flex Core Belt, Knee Sleeves and Bowtie that you would like in your package!

Powerlifter pack for beginners:  All you need to get you through your powerlifting meet.  Get 60 CM wrist wraps, 250 CM Knee wraps, Flex Core Belt, Knee Sleeves, and a Bowtie.

| Matthew Bryan Davis 23-10-2018 04:50

Love every that came in this pack. I was impressed with the belt I love the wraps and the knee sleeves are my favorite. The casual bow tie is very helpful but a little tip on sizing; if you’re close to the larger/heavier end of the spectrum for your size on the chart you may want to consider the next size up. I weigh 222 lbs the large bow tie tops out at 225lbs and it is super tight, can’t wear it for long before my hands go numb. I’m keeping it in case I lose weight but I’m getting a another one in XL. This pack is absolutely perfect for starting strength training. Thanks spud.

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