Swing Set Straps

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The swing set straps are an awesome gym addition for any athlete that loves finding ways to train and push themselves with challenging new exercises. If you want a yoke, but don't have the space to store it, than your problem is solved. These straps can turn any regular or specialty bar into a yoke and weighing less than 5 lbs. fold up into any gym bag. The Swing Set Straps are way more unstable than a yoke so it engages a lot more stabilizer muscles, so when you go to do a normal yoke run it will be a breeze. Not only is the Swing Set great for training the yoke, it can be used for many applications in the gym. Use the Swing Set Straps for modified weight releasers on bench, squat and overhead press. Let's not forget their capacity to hold massive amounts of chain for benching and squatting also.

**Warning: The first use of the Swing Set Straps may induce a walk similar to that of a late Saturday night stumble so be careful.**

Made in the USA: : Yes
Length:: 72 inches
Width:: 2 inches
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