Master Blaster Ruck Pack Sled

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This piece of equipment is going to be your new favorite enemy. A combination of cardio punishment and muscle endurance is what you have in store for you when using this Ruck Pack Sled. Simply strap in the weight and put the pack on to do long ruck hikes, lunges, stairs, runs, etc. When you want a little different type of punishment simply take the pack off and put a sled strap on the pack and start your sled dragging just by flipping the harness around the plates. This will be one of the most versatile tools you have in your arsenal for building muscle, burning fat, and getting in great shape.

The Large fits 150 lbs - 200 lbs.

The Extra Large fits 200-275 lbs.

Custom sizes are available for people under 150 or over 275 lbs.

Made in the USA: : Yes
Length:: 23 inches
Width:: 20 inches
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