Looper Strap Pack

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If you like using chain and lots of it, then you need these straps. These are one of the easiest ways to add chain on the squat, bench press, and overhead press. The Looper Straps can fit up to 10 chains on the bottom 5 loops with the option to add even more chain in the adjuster loops. There are several loops on the straps to adjust for training partners of different heights with ease. Chains can be placed at different positions in the adjuster loops so that the chain will load at different parts of the lift to train weak points. With so many other exercises that these straps can be used for in the gym our only questions is "Why don't you already own a pair?"

These Spud Packs Include

-1 Pair of Looper Straps

-1 or 2 Pairs of 5/8" chains, each chain is 5 feet long and approximately 20 lbs.


Shipping is included in the price of the pack


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