Lat Saw

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The Spud, Inc. Lat Saw is a new level of back mutilation. This medieval looking tool is designed to work your Lats in various one inch increments. Included with the Lat Saw is a pair of Spud, Inc Jump Rings. The jump rings, instead of a solid unyielding steel handle with straight or neutral grip, allow you to move with the pull taking the pressure off of your wrists and forearms and adding a lot to your biceps. In other words, it flows with your natural body movement which allows for much more focus on all the lat and back muscles. The other cool part is you can use a grip or go gripless for even more focus on the lats. You can go from a wide grip to a narrow grip in seconds without changing handles or moving to a separate piece of equipment.


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| Scott Goss 15-04-2017 03:43

This Lat Saw exposes back muscles that I never knew I had. I've nursed a shoulder injury for 20 years and have always had trouble doing behind the back lat pulldowns with any available bars. However, with the lat saw there is no restriction/obstruction due to the jump ropes, which allow for maximum leverage to be achieved. The system created by the Saw and the ropes amplify range of motion to the extreme. The ropes loop the wrists removing the forearms from the force equation and isolation to the lats is maximized to an optimal level. There was a seeming discovery of new fibers in the inner lats near the rhomboids. Also, the outer flare could really be targeted since at full contraction (when positioning rope-rings on the outer teeth of the saw) the elbows can break the dorsal plane of the body. Moreover, the lat saw WILL allow the dedicated to build new frontiers on their back: the flare will be grisly and the valley to the spine will slope out of sight. And those whom yearn for a monster back know what I mean and can bank on achievement of new goals with this growth and hardening tool set.

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