HERNETIX Zipper Knee Sleeves

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Premium Neoprene Knee Supports with Zipper Convenience.

Our ZIPPER KNEE SLEEVES allow you to put on and remove your sleeves without taking off your lifting shoes and interrupting your training.

Besides this game-changing feature, the entire sleeve was also completely redesigned. Unlike most sleeves on the market which are the same generic models with a different logo, we went back to square one to custom design with new materials, unique features, and best-in-class craftsmanship.


With other sleeves, your option for maximal compression is limited by your calf size. Our sleeves are correctly sized while allowing you to put them on and take them off easily at any time.

*Do not size down as they are made correctly to calf measurement. IMPORTANT: If they are on the small/tight side, they will stretch a bit over time as you break them in.


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