Glute / Ham Strap

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If you love doing Glute/Ham raises, but don't want to drop big money to get your own, you are going to love this set up.  The Glute/Ham strap hooks under any bench or sturdy pad to let you do Glute/Ham raises almost anywhere.  If you are not ready for a full Glute/Ham then this strap can also be used as an assisted Glute/Ham raise in a power rack or pull up bar with the use of a band.  This simple strap targets the hamstrings and glutes without putting any stress on the spine.  Whether you are training for speed or strength the Glute/Ham strap is what you need to get your posterior chain on track.

| Shane S. 07-08-2018 13:36

So far this strap is the sh!t. It does exactly what it says it'll do - you just gotta do it.

Also, it takes a little getting used to in terms of strapping yourself in but as long as your membrains are working a ok you'll figure it out.

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