ForeArmor Straps (pair)

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If you have biceps pain, forearm pain, or elbow pain (who doesn’t), then you need to be wearing Spud, Inc. ForeArmors!  Whether your pain is from big benching, squatting, or even from a sports overuse injury these straps help ease the pain to keep you doing what you love.  These straps are easy to put on and keep on without your hands falling asleep because your wrap is too tight to keep on for your whole workout.  Simply put the ForeArmors on, and when it is time for serious work, just cinch them down for that extra needed support.  Don’t let nagging pain derail your training.  Strap on the ForeArmors and get to work!

The Spud, Inc. ForeArmors also work great for OCCLUSION training!!!!

Sizing recommendations:  Measure the area the strap will be worn.  That measurement will correspond to the size you need.  EX: Your forearm just below the elbow measures 13” around, then you need a size 13 ForeArmor.

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