Bowtie Team Sports Pack

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Are you looking to equip your sports team, fellow coworkers, or buddies with the Spud, Inc Bowtie? Look no further than the Bowtie Pack that includes 5 Formal or Casual Bowties ranging from size small-2XL!

If you have a slouchy posture, tight pecs and achy shoulders then the Casual Bowtie is for you. With minimal time and effort you can help to correct these issues and more. Wear it at your desk, in  your car or even at home while watching TV. The Casual Bowtie is made of a softer material than the formal and is meant to be worn for longer periods of time.

The Formal Bowtie was designed with the athlete in mind. The heavier and stiffer material will give you more compression where you need it to provide even stronger postural correction than the Casual Bowtie. Athletes with muscle imbalances and other issues from years of training for peak performance would benefit from the tighter feel of the Formal Bowtie.

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