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If you have a slouchy posture, tight pecs and achy shoulders then the Casual Bowtie is for you. With minimal time and effort you can help to correct these issues and more. Wear it at your desk, in your car or even at home while watching TV. The Casual BowTie is made of a softer material than the formal and is meant to be worn for longer periods of time.

For even more info see Donnie and Spud's video below!


| MASON CLEMENS 20-08-2017 23:42

This is by far a meat in everyone's gym bag. My gym (CSA) has these for member use. I use this for all of my warm ups and through a lot of corrective movements.

| Robert Opsitos 17-08-2017 16:54

I bought this when they had them on sale bundled with the wrist straps. I had watched/read the description on the bowtie from one of their facebook posts, and it was rattling around in my head when I happened to look in the mirror and really noted my poor posture (I drive a desk for a living, doing a lot of computer work). When the sale came up I thought I would give it a try. I really like it, and find it to to comfortable and pleasantly restrictive. I've worn it around the house, on walks, and even while driving. My wife has noticed a difference in the way I carry myself, and I pay more attention to my posture. Great product

| Mike K 03-08-2017 11:18

Great product to keep my shoulders and upper back position in the correct place.

| luther laycoax 02-08-2017 22:18

Such a relief!! Loosening up even while doing house work, work work, or even relaxing on the couch. Brings the ****ahhhhh*** right out!

| Dan russell 02-08-2017 21:12

I have both the formal and the casual. I wear it for 1 hour in the morning and at night, and during training. The best training tool I have ever used.

| Jeff arioli 02-08-2017 21:03


| Dylan 02-08-2017 20:31

Hands down one of the best items I've ever used. I wear it mine for about an hour and a half total a day, and my entire upper body has never felt better. If you buy one piece of gear for your gym bag, make it this one.

| Blaze de Hardt 02-08-2017 20:22

i started using the causal bowtie every morning before work, after work, and before bed. The compression on my shoulders and bicep tendons made a world of difference. I also wear it while driving and while at home watching television whenever I feel the tightness creep back into my shoulders/pecs/biceps.
5/5 would recommend.

| John Dunagan 02-08-2017 18:22

Great product! I received a casual Bow Tie from my wife for Christmas and I use it during my warm ups. Felt a difference from day one as soon as I put it on.
I have recommended this to several of my clients and I rarely recommend specific products. 4 stars for minor discomfort under the arms and hey nothing is perfect, but it is close.

| Dan W 02-08-2017 17:44

Great product! Such a huge difference even just using it durring warm up! Worth every penny!

| David Boots 02-08-2017 17:37

I originally used the bowtie to make sure my posture and form was on point during my lifts, which it did exactly that as advertised...but then my girlfriend had been complaining about pain around her shoulders and between the shoulder blades, always saying that it felt like a vertebrae was poking out, massage didn't help and neither did cracking it. So, I had her wear the bow tie for a little, daily, for a week or so and now she's pain free.
I'll definitely recommend to ANYONE even non-lifters.

| Jim P 02-08-2017 17:19

I love my bow tie it puts me in correct posture for squats and deadlifts plus I will wear around the house to help my shoulders

| John Sigh 02-08-2017 17:09

I initially bought it in support of you guys & Donnie, but after wearing it for just a few minutes, I felt it apply just enough discomfort to realize my shoulders weren't just quite right. Few minutes later, felt like a champ. Most times since that first time, same thing. Good quality product. Simply design. Affordably priced. It works. What more do you want?

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