Down time = Rock Concert

Down time = Rock Concert

What do we do in our down time? We party like Rock Stars

Some times you just have to have a break in the monotony of train - work - train- work - train - work. So, last week we went to see Guns 'N Roses in Atlanta.  Atlanta is about 4 hours away from where we live so we left early in the afternoon.  Actually getting to the concert was a nightmare - but once there is was a blast.  In a nutshell here is what happened pre-concert:

* We left 1 hour late, and thus got there at aroun 5:30 and ALL the restaurants in the area were booked solid with 4 hour wait times.

* It was hot, and the more we walked around the hotter it got.  We finally ate dinner at Starbucks: day old egg sandwiches, oatmeal and chocolate covered grahm crackers.

* You can't actually take a concealed weapon into a concert - even if you have a permit.  (Who knew? Duh!!)

* Apparently, you can no longer take a purse into a concert.  You must check it outside at a coat check station. That makes you feel comfortable, leaving your purse in a white tent with people you don't know.

* walking in wedges promote blisters.

We finally got in and had a few minutes to settle down before The Cult came on.  They were fantastic.  The sound wasn't that great, so you couldn't hear the lyrics very well, but you could tell that the band was tight.  Promptly at 9:30 the graphic of two revolvers on the big screen starting shooting.  The lights went out. And G'N'R came on stage.  They played for over 2.5 hours and were fantastic.  I think they played every song I wanted to hear (except one - "I Used to Love Her").

The show ended just after midnight and we got in the car for the 4 hour drive back home.  Add an hour navigating the traffic in downtown Atlanta and we rolled up to the gym at 5 am - at the time the doors opened.  We went home though and crawled into bed.  What a great time!   Now we rest up and begin the train - work - train - work cycle all over again.



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