Susan's Deadlift Workout

Susan's Deadlift Workout

I am starting to train for the APF World's in Baton Rouge this coming November. This first month has been kind of slow but I don't feel too far off the mark where I need to be.

I am in the first month of a training cycle for the APF World's.  So far, I am not exactly on track but not that far off.  This week my deadlift plan was 392 lbs. for 5 sets of 2.  I knew up front that I wouldn't get that far but I was going to try.  I started with 315 for a set of 2 with just a belt.  315 is my "raw" bench mark.  And when I am going heavy, usually it is my last warm up, but on Monday I counted it as my first set.  Then I put my deadlift suit on and did 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 2 and 365 x 2.  I tried a second set with 365 but only managed one rep.  My hips were super tired and not may back, so I figured that was a good sign.

This is the 365 for 2:

My husband and coach Marc "Spud" Bartley said that on the heavier sets I was not squeezing my glutes at the top.  And that is something I can work on through my auxilary work.  I did some good mornings with a big blue band for 5 sets of 12 and then I need some static hamstring holds with a green band for 4 sets of 45 seconds.  Later in the afternoon I pushed the prowler for 2 laps.  Each lap is right under 1/3 a mile.  The first lap I push as quickly as I can with as few stops as necessary.  The second lap is slower only 25 - 50 steps before stopping for a rest.  I am really working on keeping cardio in my training but not wearing my self out with it so that my lifting suffers.


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